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KACZANOWSKI & CO Smoked Chicken 700g-900g

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Product Description

Smoked Chicken is made from a whole double chicken breast (without mincing or forming) which is cured, cooked and smoked to our own recipe. It is one of our signature products, awarded a Gold medal in the 2022 Charcuterie Excellence Awards.

Kaczanowski smoked chicken is proudly made from 100% Australian chicken. We use a whole double breast fillet (approximately 800g) so there is no need for mincing, forming or extraneous processing. 

The chicken breasts are cured, then left to rest in our simple but delightfully tasty mix of flavours with minimal preservatives. They are cooked, then the traditional Kaczanowski smoke house ensures a golden colour with a mouth watering smokey flavour. Even after the smoking process, our prize winning smoked chicken breast is produced moist, succulent and ready to eat. 

Great for wraps and rolls, smoked chicken breast is also an excellent accompaniment for rice, pasta dishes and pizza.