About Us

Bartuccio’s is a family-owned, wholesale supplier in New South Wales. Our names are Jocelyn (Jos) and Alex and we sell fresh and local produce at the Sydney Markets. Together, we have over 15 years of combined experience working with farmers to supply local fruits and vegetables to New South Wales families, fruit shops and restaurants. We also have three adorable children who are just as wild about fresh produce as we are. 

From the minute you place your order with us, Jos and Alex are the only two people that you will talk to and deal with. Unlike the supermarket where hundreds of people have touched your produce before you take it home, we are strict with our quality control so that you receive a premium product handled only by us. 

When you buy your produce from Jos and Alex, you are purchasing the freshest quality product to nourish your body with. We exclusively supply produce that we would feed to our own families and eat ourselves. Our hope is to offer you a zesty new variety of apple or a farm-grown tomato bursting with sweetness that you’ve never before experienced. When customers return to us and share that they bought the best-tasting batch of blueberries from Bartuccio’s, we are proud to have supplied them with this incredibly delicious produce.

A little more about our roots

Jocelyn and Alex grew up surrounded by fruits and vegetables. When Jos was a young girl, her father owned a small produce shop called “The Veggie Patch.” The Veggie Patch operated for over a decade, during which, Jos fell in love with the bright orange hues of mangoes, the perfumed scents of kaffir lime, and chatting with customers about all of the season’s best vegetables. 

As a boy, Alex observed his parents watering, nurturing, and packing veggies for market gardens throughout the year. He befriended many of the field pickers, curious to learn more about their harvesting methods and techniques. After Alex left school, he worked for his brother at the markets where he learned more about produce selling, building relationships with growers, and where he eventually took over the business from his brother.